21-22 September & 8 December, 2017

What if your daily interactions with your team helped them improve?

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Workshop: Coaching for Leadership Excellence

“Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."
-- Sir John Whitmore


21-22 Sep, 2017 + 8 Dec, 2017

2-day intensive program
+ 1 day reinforcement

Rutgers Singapore Campus

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The Workshop in Coaching for Leadership Excellence is designed for new and mature leaders who wish to expand their leadership style to inspire positive change in the workplace, enabling team members to grow by embedding coaching in your daily leadership.

Coaching for Leadership Excellence Workshop

Course Contents

What is coaching? Why is coaching an essential skill-set for today’s leader? How do I go about coaching?

What is the mindset and attitude of an effective coach? How do I learn to embody the mindset and attitude of a coach?

What are the common coaching challenges and how do I overcome them?

How and when do I apply coaching skills in the workplace? How can I utilise coaching skills to enhance how I approach everyday work interactions?

What are the competencies and best practices for coaching and how do I build them?

Strategies for long term coaching engagements in the workplace, including how to maintain coaching relationships.

Day-to-day business activities and interactions present opportunities for a manager to coach employees. These moments are often referred to as “coachable moments”.

Everyday situations can be ideal times for the savvy manager to slip into the coaching role. A cab ride back from a sales call might be the time to ask insightful questions and share observations about how the call went and what insights could be gained from the experience. A moment of complaint could be used to guide an employee along his or her own path to a higher level of performance.

Are you seizing these coachable moments? Would you like to learn how?

Learn to Seize Coachable Moments


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“My purpose is to bring more goodness into the world through helping people harness their gifts and passion to be in service for a greater good. I live by a simple motto: Be good. Do good.”

Sean Kirk

Kenny Toh

“My purpose is to help leaders and the organisations they lead to improve; to do more for the communities they impact, the customers they serve, and to unleash the potential of the people who work with them.”

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